Model Team FAQ

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Hey there! I’m so glad you’re interested in being a senior rep on my Class of 2020 Senior Model Team!

This is the second year of my senior representative program and I am PUMPED for what this year will bring!

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Meghan Joelle Photography Model Team:

What is it?

  • The MJP Senior Model Team is a group of girls who do their senior portrait experience with me and help me find other girls to photograph! Simply put, it’s a representative and referral program.

How much does it cost?

  • There is no cost to join the MJP Senior Model Team aside from the cost of your senior session! Senior session pricing will be coming out soon.

What do I get for joining?

  • So many things! First, you’ll get $$$ for each friend that you refer to me for their senior portrait experience. (And the friend that you refer will get a free print!)

  • You’ll get an automatic spot in my 2019 Studio Day, a fun lil studio sesh with snacks, your friends, a photo booth, and portraits by me… all FREE! Registration is otherwise limited.

  • You’ll get beautiful prints of your photos as a reward for sharing them on Insta!

  • You’ll be first on my list for model calls when I want to try out a new location, new look, or new lens!

  • We’ll have an extra session just for Model Team members before the summer of 2019!

Does it matter what I look like?

  • This is my LEAST favorite question because EVERY SINGLE GIRL I WORK WITH IS STINKING GORGEOUS, INSIDE AND OUT. PERIOD. I think the word “model” implies that it matters what you look like, what shape you are, etc. Get those lies out of your head because you’re beautiful and I want you on my Model Team!

Can my friends join with me?

  • Yep! There’s no limit to the number of Models I’ll take from each school! I’ll keep track of referrals with a simple tally system.

When will the application be available?

  • The Senior Model Team applications will be available in early February!! Models will be notified by the end of February and the 2019 Studio Day will take place in March!

Have other questions?

  • Fill out the contact form on my site and ask away!!