Film for Fun | Winter Favorites

I got my start in photography on film. I absolutely love the process of it. Each image is recorded so carefully. And with each click of the shutter, you put a little metaphorical penny into your jar of excitement, storing up for the day you get to process the film and see your photos.

Skye and I had a very interesting winter last year. I was newly pregnant and very morning sick. The all-day, all-night, live on the couch kind of morning sick. My sweet husband brought me countless things to wherever I was camping out at the time, cooked me whatever weird paleo/gluten free food (yep… I stuck to that diet while preggo) sounded good at any given moment, and ate many, many meals in another room so I didn’t have to smell them.

First, a few from Christmas 2017 and exploring Des Moines together. In some of these images we hadn’t learned I was pregnant yet and I wasn’t yet feeling sick, but I think it’s pretty cool that our little Will buddy was with us.

In March we went to Duluth, MN for spring break and it was beautiful. We stayed in a cozy vintage little AirBnb and spent a couple days exploring the coast. I was still a little nauseous, but felt so much better than I had a few months prior. I didn’t have a baby bump yet, but my old pants definitely were already not fitting well under that big coat. Even in those early months of pregnancy I got winded hiking up to Palisade Head.

Thanks for reading, friends. More film from Spring coming soon!