Can I bring friends or family to my session?

Absolutely! In fact, I encourage you to bring one or two people with you. Your mom, dad, sibling, or best friend are all great people to bring along. They’ll put you at ease, help you laugh, and have a fun time watching you get your portraits taken!

You can also have your pictures taken with your guests, but I do limit the quantity of these photos. These are your senior pictures after all!

What clothing can I bring?

Bring lots of options and I’ll help you put them together! Most of my seniors text me photos of the outfits they’re planning to wear ahead of time. I’ll help you pick looks that will be flattering on camera!

What time of day do sessions take place?

I prefer to work during golden hour (the first and last few hours of the day) but can get beautiful photos of you at any time of day that works for your schedule!

Do you photograph senior guys?

I sure do! The smaller session tends to work well for guys.

Will you edit out my blemishes?

This is a good question and one I needed to know the answer to for my own senior pictures! YES, I will edit out your blemishes while making sure that you still look like you! I don’t do any crazy airbrush editing or teeth whitening because I want you to look true to you. Every image I edit, but especially close-ups, receives light retouching to remove blemishes and imperfections.

Do I get digital rights to my photos?

Yes! You’ll receive an online gallery with rights to download and print. My clients also love sharing this gallery with family and friends! You’re welcome to print wherever you like, but I offer beautiful affordable professional prints through the online gallery.

How will I receive my photos?

First, we’ll get together for your Celebration Reveal Session to view your photos! You’ll choose your favorites and I’ll help you decide how to use your print credit. This is also the time to choose the images you want showcased in your heirloom book!

After this, I’ll make any last tweaks to your photos, upload them to your online gallery, and email it your way!

What’s a Celebration Reveal Session?

This is one of my favorite parts of your senior portrait experience! We’ll meet at a coffee shop, your fav bakery, or your home to view a slideshow of your senior pictures. You can (and should!) invite your family and close friends to the Celebration Reveal Session… they’ll love seeing your beautiful senior pictures!

We’ll also use our time at the Celebration Reveal Session to narrow down your favorites, choose images to print, and discuss options for printing and grad party invitations.

How much do prints cost through the online gallery?

I keep these print prices as low as possible to make sure you go home with prints in hand! They come from a professional lab and the colors, contrast, and sharpness are all exactly as I intend them to be!

Prices range from $2 for a 4x6, $6 for an 8x10, to $40 for very large prints. Wrapped canvases are also available to custom order.

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